Make Your Own Customized Theme Effortlessly

Rotala.css is a light-weight and responsive open source CSS framework to help develop customized themes.

# Quick start
npm install rotala
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Super Lightweight

By providing only the rudimentry appearance of every single component, the core library package results in a rather small size (~10kb gziped of CDN resource)

Customizable & Extendable

The Rotala is built atop of Tailwindcss and Postcss. With the plugins and community support, you could even opt for a deeper customization to meet various design demands.

As Simple As Possible

No Js, only the modern CSS. The complete code base has nothing but clean css styles. This will help reduce the styling complexity of your project.

An easier way to customize themes

Choose a comfortable way to develop components for your theme

Use the utilities to modify the component directly.

@import "rotala";
<button class="button px-8 py-4 text-lg hover:bg-gray-200 text-gray-700" />Hover Me</button>

Shall We Move on?

Take a few more steps to build up your own components library

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